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She ran through the streets in the pouring down rain, nothing else ever made her feel this way. Become apathetic like the elements, get lost in the indifferent wrath of nature. Single minded determination, like the fire spreading in her lungs. Anything not to feel right now, anything not to be alone with her tragedy for company. Run. Run. Run. Faster. It dominated everything else in her head, became a mantra more powerful than the absent sun. The city felt empty, abandoned, and she knew the simple truth. No one had to tell her. Everyone who was ever anyone was tucked in tonight, buried beneath layers of blankets and forgetfulness, sheltered in safe shores of dreams and lovers arms. And these streets, these were just for her. They never failed, never walked away, never left her crumpled against the wall in tears. They waited for her every time something went wrong, and they didn't judge. Lonely alleyways and man-made structures of an urban playground, like giant hulking guardians with bones of metal and glass, watchful and ever silent.

Sandalled feet carried her farther and farther from home (where she could still hear him talking, still catch a drifting memory of his scent), creating a rhythm of despair on the cracked concrete. One corner blurred into the next, became a stoplight, a shadowed building and then an empty parking lot. The false golden halo of a streetlight briefly illuminated the descent of the heavy drops as they struck her face, got lost amidst laugh lines and pink, bitten lips. Blue, blue eyes, rimmed with running black, were mad as gold beneath the light, found dark churning skies and spiralled, just as she did. Escaping all reason, she dipped and leapt and spun, washing all traces - the ones that had been gone for weeks now - away from her, back down into the earth. The earth had shoulders strong enough to carry them.

When they finally found her she was sitting nonchalantly against the streetlight, long Irish limbs stretched out in front of her, sun-kissed hair a tangled mess. Soaked from head to toe, though the rain had at least stopped. They were bewildered, she had no words for them. No language to describe pain. Angry bruises decorated her dancing feet, now quiet and immobile. She didn't want to walk just yet. Not just yet.

She turned her face into the rising of the dawn, watching the violent reds and scintillating oranges stain the swollen white clouds, and she closed her eyes.

"I needed to remember."
It is sometimes said that one must love truth more than certainty. Certainty is a luxury that most cannot afford. I love truth, and I don't put labels on it - it simply is, regardless of circumstance. I love openly, completely, and with all honesty. Anything else would not be worth it.
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showna Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2006  Professional Photographer
That last line is the killer.
[link] I just published my first book.
Costs, like, less than $9 for a 72 page book. (poems)
You should check it out.
xprettypoisonx Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006
I love you guys.
maloe Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
That was pretty darn amazing.
Write a book, please.
So I can buy it.
Flaunt it around and say I know you. :D
Shanni-chan Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006
This is why you're one of my favourite writters. *_*

broken-pink Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2006

I like this a lot.

It's really powerful.
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